July 7th - 11th, 1896

July 7, 1896 - The Shadow Of Death

  • Edith and Ms. Maple find themselves locked in ship's hold, where they are tortured and questioned by unknown men
  • At dawn they are marched toward certain death, but in the face of it Edith finds the strength to hold on long enough to be rescued

July 8, 1896 - The Unknown

  • Charles confronts Alexander Carrington to determine just how much the man knows about who is responsible for what happened to Edith and Pollyanna Maple
  • Charles begins to feel that every one knows more than they are saying

July 9, 1896 - What Dreams Become

  • On her father's advice, Margaret learns more about her mother's past and the dreams she once lived for
  • Will Margaret come to understand the choices her mother has made or will she look down upon her as a failure?

July 10, 1896 - Mixed Messages

  • Elizabeth receives a letter from Jonathon despite her low expectations and dismissive attitude
  • Her father is less than pleased though, and fails to explain why, but spanks her instead

July 11, 1896 - Bookworm

  • Sarah completes her educational requirements for graduation from high school
  • Mr. Stone leaves her with a set of school books as a parting gift, but they disappear from her bedroom only moments after she leaves them there

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