August 11th - 16th, 1896

August 11, 1896 - On An East Bound Train

  • Sarah ponders her uncertain future as she speeds toward it on a train

August 12, 1896 - The Dog Ate My Mailman

  • Margaret receives a curious letter from Edgar

August 13, 1896 - Road Less Traveled

  • Penelope and Wilbur have car troubles and more on the way to Primrose

August 14, 1896 - One Last Ride

  • Elizabeth suffers a bit of melancholy on the last day of her newspaper delivery job

August 15, 1896 - Acts Of Love

  • Charles manages to convince Dean Steadward to admit his wife into Primrose
  • Has Caroline discovered his affair with Edith?

August 16, 1896 - Dividing Lines

  • Edith and the Carrington's come to an agreement on how to best separate supervising duties in the dormitory

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