August 25th - 30th, 1896

August 25, 1896 - Shards From A Broken Dream

  • Elizabeth arrives on the train at Providence in the third class car
  • She witnesses an unexpected interaction between Jonathon and Sarah which leaves her jealous

August 26, 1896 - First Impressions

  • Penelope arrives at Carrington Manor with Wilbur in his automobile and mistakes Sarah for a servant
  • Elizabeth and Wilbur begin to flirt and he takes her for a ride in town

August 27, 1896 - New Girl Attitude

  • Edith becomes concerned at Mrs. Carrington meddling with first year student, Sarah Waters
  • Edith's interaction with Sarah does not go as she planned and leaves her feeling challenged

August 28, 1896 - The Deception Of Appearance

  • Margaret has a confrontational meeting with Mrs. Carrington on her first day back
  • She discovers Sarah being bullied in the bathroom and attempts to befriend her

August 29, 1896 - Goldilocks And The Pauper

  • Charles and his wife attend what he expects to be a boring dinner at Primrose Hall
  • A blonde beauty captures his undivided attention while the rest of the faculty discusses a dark haired girl dressed in rags

August 30, 1896 - Cuckoo

  • Sarah examines the events of her first week at Primrose
  • She is left feeling out of place and wondering if there is anyplace she truly belongs

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