July 14th - 19th, 1896

July 14, 1896 - A Reason Why

  • Edith ponders her near death experience and the reasons which could lay behind it
  • She resolves not to trust men in the meantime

July 15, 1896 - The Secrets We Keep

  • Elizabeth's nightmares return and her father grows more irritable by the day
  • She has a new job as newspaper delivery boy, the only problem is, she is not a boy

July 16, 1896 - The Science Of Vulgarity

  • Margaret has left a controversial medical text where her younger sister could find it
  • Her mother decides to leave the matter to her father's discretion on his return from a business trip

July 17, 1896 - Passion's Indiscretion

  • Charles is paid a late night visit by Edith
  • After some discussion they allow their passions to consume them

July 19, 1896 - The Strength To Know The Difference

  • Edith struggles to find an excuse she can live with for her action with Charles
  • Dean Steadward returns unexpectedly with a new version of events, Edith elects to go along despite her personal knowledge

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