July 28th - August 2nd, 1896

July 28, 1896 - The Enemy Within

  • Sarah returns home early from errands to find her mother in an semi-intimate meeting with mine owner, Mr. Parker
  • In a fit of anger she orders him from the house and stands up to her mother, refusing to back down even when Deborah tries to use force against her

July 29, 1896 - Serendipitous?

  • Edith receives a letter from Mr. Parker offering assistance
  • After consideration, she decides to respond to the letter but considers the motives of Mr. Parker to be suspicious

July 30, 1896 - Desperately Seeking Absolution

  • Penelope confront her father about his lack of forgiveness for her behavior at the end of the school year despite punishing her for it
  • She learns he is sending her brother, Wilbur to look after her at school for the new term and that the action might not have her at its root

July 31, 1896 - Surprise, Surprise

  • Elizabeth arrives home after work and is greeted by her previously unmet sister-in-law, Sylvia
  • They quickly decide they like each other while waiting for her mother and brother to return from a quick shopping trip; when they do, Sylvia discovers her unborn baby is ready to meet everyone as well

August 1, 1896 - The Bowen Connection

  • Charles greets his family at the train station and takes them home, happy to be together again
  • Caroline asks Charles to find a new job and move them away from Primrose College on her father's fears of trouble that his assistant, Edith Bowen might bring

August 2, 1896 - Just Between Friends

  • Margaret goes on a shopping trip with childhood friend, Katie, who is disliked by her parents
  • Katie complains about her mother still treating her like a little girl, but it becomes clear the real problem is Ben, her fiancĂ©, who has yet to set a date for their wedding

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