The Dog Ate My Mailman

August 12, 1896
Margaret Spooner

Dearest Margaret,

I received your letter only yesterday. Our postal carrier had a scrap with Zeus, our neighbors greyhound, and as a result our mail has been unavoidably delayed. I realize this sounds like a lame excuse for not writing as often as we promised, but I swear it is the truth.

How is your family? All well I presume and is your father returned now from his business trip? I have never been to South Carolina but the town, Sumter, seems familiar. I think it is because of the Penelope girl in your dormitory. She was the one who ended the year in loads of trouble for what must have been some extreme misbehavior. I bet she would rather have been expelled than what she went through. I am curious if the two are related, but I will inquire with your father myself when appropriate, so please do not aggravate him with questions on my behalf.

Have you succeeded in mending fences with your mother over the last few weeks? I know it can be difficult with parents sometimes but it is always worth the effort to reconcile. Besides, your mother’s social circles are not for you to approve or disapprove. Time is running out before the start of the new semester and it would be unfortunate if you were to leave for school with hard feeling still between yourself and your mother.

Yes, I do know you think you are owed as much of an apology as you owe her. You are old enough now to understand that when it comes to family it is up to the youth to make allowances for our elders. It is not easy, but it is the respect they are due. Be a good girl and steal yourself to do the right thing here.

I have sent a separate letter to your father, asking his permission to accompany you on the train journey to Providence next week. Your station is on my route and I thought it made sense for us to travel together from there. If your father approves, I will meet you on the platform. I have assumed this arrangement would be acceptable to you, but if it is not you can let your father know and he can communicate it to me via wire.

Rather than go on about all the events of my summer in this letter, I thought it would be best to save the stories for our time on the train. My father is expecting me in his study in a few minutes so, I must sign off here.



p.s. Do not forget to pack your lantern this year!

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Paul said...

Ashley, expected in the study, that sounds ominous.
Warm hugs,