July 21st - 26th, 1896

July 21, 1896 - Between Boys And Men

  • Penelope's brother, James is brought home by a man she does not know
  • Wilbur and Penelope listen in on the conversation in their father's study but without a point of reference, nothing makes sense

July 22, 1896 - If It Makes You Happy

  • Sarah visits Jasper and takes him out for a ride, along with her troubled thoughts
  • Sam tells her Deborah is pregnant and solicits her advice on when to tell their mother

July 23, 1896 - It Cuts Both Ways

  • Elizabeth is faced with a choice of revealing she is a girl or allowing her long hair to be trimmed into a length appropriate for a boy
  • As her father sees it she has made the wrong choice but the extra money in her pocket from selling subscriptions to the paper might leave her with a different perspective than her sore backside would indicate

July 24, 1896 - Women And Politics

  • Charles sends for his wife and children to return to him
  • He plans a lesson for Edith in explaining just how painful her ventures into politics can be

July 25, 1896 - A Philosophy Of Guilt

  • Edith and Charles discuss her role or lack of it in the death of Ms. Maple
  • Edith reveals she feels no responsibility and no guilt for what occurred, but is it the truth?

July 26, 1896 - Hot Cross Father

  • Margaret's father returns home at last from his business trip
  • His first order of business is disciplining his daughter for causing her mother problems while he was away

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