August 18th - 23rd, 1896

August 18, 1896 - Helping Hands

  • Sarah arrives in Providence and gains help from an unlikely source.
  • But, can she trust a young man she barely knows?

August 19, 1896 - Not So Lonely

  • Edgar proposes to Margaret on the train to Providence
  • Edgar seems to know more about Carrington Manor than he should

August 20, 1896 - Unwanted Gifts

  • Charles arranges for Caroline to attend Primrose College in the fast approaching new term
  • A telephone is installed in his home under the watchful eye of Mr. Carrington

August 21, 1896 - Waiting Until The Last Minute

  • Elizabeth gets the date confused for her departure for Primrose
  • Her father sends her off with a sore bottom and barely enough time to have packed

August 22, 1896 - Penny For Your Thoughts

  • Penelope confronts Wilbur about his attitude since they left home
  • Wilbur's version of events prior to leaving is significantly different from her fathers

August 23, 1896 - At Summer's End

  • Edith and Charles' professional relationship comes to an end
  • Edith anticipates a complicated relationship with Mrs. Carrington in the coming weeks

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