March 17th - 21st, 1896

March 17, 1896

  • Elizabeth tells all about St. Patrick's Day.
  • Mr. Green, the music instructor, is leaving at the end of term.

March 18, 1896

  • Sarah writes a letter to her brother Sam.
  • Audio version at the bottom of post.

March 19, 1896

  • Penelope and Elizabeth sneak out in the middle of night so Elizabeth can learn to play billiards.
  • Can Penelope maintain her facade in front of Elizabeth or will the night's adventures give her secrets away?

March 20, 1896

  • Edith can't talk to boys but she manages well enough with Mr. Carrington.
  • Did she really suggest boys and girls should attend classes together?

March 21, 1896

  • Andrew Carrington likes Edith above all others.
  • A political speech is too boring to behave during.
  • Audio version available at the top of the post.

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