April 14th - 18th, 1896

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April 14, 1896

  • Elizabeth is daydreaming in class.
  • Dr. Phallic brings her back to reality with a sound paddling but not before she has more thoughts over the stool.

April 15, 1896

  • Caroline returns home from her father's.
  • Can Charles keep her under reign or will she continue to take advantage of his kindness.

April 16, 1896

  • Edith is confronted by Lucy about an article in the underground paper of Brown University
  • Should she be ashamed for suggesting men and women could be educated together?

April 17, 1896

  • Penelope's visit to the library sees the librarian raise his strap. Is it for her?
  • Can one girl's mistake really have all of the Primrose girls banned from the library?

April 18, 1896

  • Sarah's father in jail? Is he guilty or setup by Billy Buster and the Strike Breakers?
  • Has Sarah gotten herself in over her head?

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