March 10th - 14th, 1896

March 10, 1896

  • Sarah learns her teacher has not only applied for her to attend college but she has been accepted as well.
  • Why aren't her parents on board with sending her?

March 11, 1896

  • Charles loves his wife, children and life.
  • A teaching position available at woman's college? Time to move again or is it?

March 12, 1896

  • Meet Penelope Sumter. She's in trouble from the moment she wakes until time for bed!
  • Can she really be that bad?

March 13, 1896

  • Sarah starts work at the town laundry with her mother.
  • Late in the day she learns of an accident at the mine where her father works. Is he hurt?

March 14, 1896

  • Sarah decides to make a difference in her own way as the miners work to rescue their own.
  • A sad day for Sarah but life goes on for the living.

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