April 7th - 11th, 1896

April 7, 1896

  • Sarah and her mother have a spirited conversation regarding a woman's place in life.
  • A mouthsoaping and spanking are her Mother's way of winning the argument.

April 8, 1896

  • Penelope has a fresh encounter with Mr. Green, the music instructor.
  • A nude spanking with the ruler in the presence of Jonathon sets her straight!

April 9, 1896

  • Elizabeth has strange dreams and a restless night.
  • Is there a message in here or is she just feeling guilty?

April 10, 1896

  • Edith finally delivers on her promise to punish Penelope.
  • Uh oh, Mrs. Carrington seems to have caught on!

April 11, 1896

  • Sarah delivers laundry to some rugged young men.
  • Are these the strike busters her father warned her about?

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