March 24th - 28th, 1896

March 24, 1896

  • Edith learns a secret from the Carrington's 9 year old son.
  • Will Edith take on disciplining Elizabeth and Penelope herself?
  • Audio version at the bottom of the post.

March 25, 1896

  • Sarah takes a horseback ride into the forest on her own and encounters wolves.
  • Will she be late for dinner or just simply dinner?

March 26, 1896

  • Elizabeth works in secret during the Easter break.
  • Close calls and alleyway hiding leave us wondering will she be caught?

March 27, 1896

  • Penelope's gone off on a shopping spree! Jonathon escorts her to further his courting of Elizabeth.
  • Edith is hovering in the background.

March 28, 1896

  • Edith recalls a vivid lesson in Mrs. Carrington's den.
  • Lesson learned, now it is time to apply it to Penelope!

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