April 21st - 25th, 1896

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April 21, 1896 “Carriaged Away”

  • Can the real Remington live up to Penelope’s imaginary version?
  • A night on the town ends in a public strapping for Penelope.

April 22, 1896 “Lend Me Your Bottom”

  • Edith attempts to inspire Elizabeth to fight for Primrose College
  • Elizabeth’s father telegrams. Will she soon be leaving for good?

April 23, 1896 “Iron Bars, Iron Will”

  • Sarah and her father plot to escape from jail but will they have to?
  • The corrupt sheriff is headed out of town but for how long?

April 24, 1896 “Call Me Dunce”

  • Three young men attend grammar class at Primrose as part of an experiment.
  • Edith helps Ms. Maple demonstrate just how discipline is maintained.

April 25, 1896 “A Birch Too Far”

  • Penelope springs a trap on Jenny as part of a scheme for revenge after her public strapping.
  • A birching for Jenny followed by a trip to the Dean? What’s next?

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