March 31st - April 4th, 1896

March 31, 1896

  • Elizabeth takes a second trip to the tavern in town.
  • Stanley serves up beer and billiards until Jonathon arrives and decides she need rescuing.

April 1, 1896

  • Sarah is due for a punishment from school teacher, Mr. Stone after a week long wait.
  • Does Sarah have a crush on Mr. Stone or is it all just an April Fool's joke?

April 2, 1896

  • Penelope is cornered by Edith.
  • Who is setting up whom and for what?

April 3, 1896

  • Charles hears the musical wonder, "Mary hags a wittle Sam."
  • Has Caroline left him for good and is that a bad thing if she has?

April 4, 1896

  • Elizabeth, feeling ostracized by her roommates, finds a new friend in Edith.
  • There first order of business? Why a birching together from Mrs. Carrington of course!

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