April 8, 1896 - Penelope Sumter's Diary

Do I dare think Edith has lost her nerve? If she were serious about her intentions no doubt she would have seen them through by now. It is no matter. I will get her back for her arrogance all the same, just wait and see.

Lizzie has become most annoying. To think she would suspect me of fancying Jonathon? My God, I may be dating an imaginary gentlemen but I am not so desperate as to even make eyes at a schmuck like Jonnie. I would have considered her a friend aside from that rude insinuation of hers.

It was also quite the interesting situation last Friday. Seeing Lizzie and Edith punished together and being so friendly with each other. I cannot imagine any good coming of it but that will be Lizzie’s problem. Nice or not I do not do charity.

Mr. Green was up to his usual tricks during music class today. I have been playing the violin since I was five. To think for a moment I do not know how to properly hold it borders on the ridiculous. Of course I know his real goal has nothing to do with my grip and everything to do with his. I think every girl in the classroom blushed as he carefully adjusted my breasts to support the violin higher.

Obviously I was ready for a breath of fresh air after class, but naturally Mr. Green wanted to have a word with me. Is it possible for him to get any bolder? I am quite certain the air could not get any less fresh and Mr. Green probably cannot get anymore.

The big surprise of my day, Mr. Green was intent on punishing me for slouching during lessons. I did not voice it but I can hardly imagine having stood anymore erect. His wandering hands saw to that quite well. I can only imagine what the others must think of me. Not that I care.

Mr. Green produced a long ruler and began by slapping my hands into a frenzy. Imagine his audacity at then ordering me, bruised hands ignored, to remove my dress and dressing gown for further chastisement. I believe my response was appropriate.

“When piglets fly and bears use indoor plumbing!”

I never saw it coming. I simply felt my head turn briskly to the side and then the burning began in my cheek. A moment later my head flew the other direction and both my cheeks were burning.

I did put up a small amount of fight. I kicked him in the shins. No doubt my pointed toe boot left a bruise. I am devastated at the prospect.

Unfortunately for me, I was unable to permanently delay his intentions. Indeed, I only succeeded in angering him. As though I cared! Well maybe I did just a little since he did still use that ruler on me.

He was quite rough with me after I kicked him. He proceeded to rip two button off as incentive for my cooperation. It worked. I quickly, despite my pained and shaking hands, removed my dress.

“The rest as well Miss Sumter. You seemed to enjoy embarrassing me during class, let us see how you like it.“

I was about to ask in what way I had embarrassed him, but at the last moment I thought better of it. My tongue will have bite marks for a week but I kept my thoughts to myself and removed my remaining garments.

You would think I would have been chilled at that point. Quite the contrary though, I was flushed and hot. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror behind his desk and was amazed at just how red I was.

“Over the desk.” He ordered.

I thought about resisting. I thought about trying to run out the door. I was smart enough to do as I was told. The wood of the desk was cool on my skin. Oddly, it was a comfort as I rested there.
Mr. Green took his time. He moved my things from the middle of the floor to his chair behind his desk. He laid the long ruler down in front of my face. It taunted me as the minutes ticked by.

Knock. Knock.

Oh my God! There was someone coming in. I prayed that I would become a part of the desk. I made promises I would normally never keep if God would be so kind as to spare me the humiliation. Were it not a sin, I would declare God absent at the reigns. My prayers and bargains were left unanswered.

The door opened. I pressed myself closer to the desk.

“Good afternoon.”

I recognized the voice but could not place it.

“Good afternoon.” Mr. Green replied.

“I understood you wished to speak with me, sir?”

“Yes, indeed. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you. Oh I did not realize you were busy, I can return later if that would be better.”

“Don’t be silly. She can wait where she is until we are done. Makes for a nice view while we chat would you not agree?”

“Yes, indeed, sir.”

I could hear the men sitting and scraping chair legs on the floor. Glass clinked and I distinguished the sound of liquid pouring. You would think if they had something to discuss they would just get it over with. They would hardly be men though if they ever got to the point of anything with haste.

I suppose I should be grateful that I was comfortable. As they got to talking, they seemed to forget I was there. I like to believe they forgot I was there at least. That way I do not have to deal the likely fact they were staring at my naked flesh the entire time.

It was getting dark by the time they finished their boring discussion. It was something about the reasons for Mr. Green’s leaving. If I followed the conversation correctly it has something to do with combined instruction of boys and girls. I am hardly interested in the reasons for his departure as long as they do not change that is. I am only too happy to see him go. I have been arranging a going away soiree for him. He leaves on the 6th of June, the soiree will be on the 7th. Timing is everything in these events.

“Jonathon, do stay and assist in the chastisement of this young lady.”

“If you wish.” He replied.

I think my face may have etched Mr. Green’s desk at that point. All that time laying there and only then did I realize it was Lizzie’s Jonathon. How embarrassing!

Jonathon walked around to the front of the desk where he could see my face. He gently picked up the ruler and handed it to Mr. Green with a smirk on his face. I squeezed my eyes closed.

“Oh no you don’t.” He said. “Keep those eyes open and look at me.”

I forced myself to obey but could not help dropping a few tears in the process. I felt the ruler rest in the center of my bottom. Mr. Green tapped it there ever so gently. He liked to tease me with these gentle taps, watching me clench and unclench in anticipation.


I lurched forward on the desk nearly standing up until I realized I was giving Jonathon a full frontal view. I dropped back down quickly, humiliated in the extreme. I barely touched back down and the next blow echoed in my ears and I shot upward again.

Jonathon decided to spare me further humiliation and held me down from there out. I cried out into the desk. My tears ran down my cheeks and I tasted their salty solution as they dripped shamefully into my mouth. I yelped louder and louder until finally the cracks ceased.

“Miss Sumter have you learned your lesson today?” Mr. Green asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good. Another dozen and then you can go.”

I gasped.


I screamed. Jonathon was strained to hold me down. Mr. Green wasted no time though. The dozen were delivered in quick succession. By the last I was putty on the desk. Jonathon no longer needed to hold me down, I had no energy to move at all.

“Up you get.” Mr. Green ordered.

I stayed down.


I did not move.


I twitched to the side. I tried to push myself up. My arms were weak. Jonathon’s strong arms helped guide me. Mr. Green came around his desk to face me. He was red faced although certainly not as red faced as I. He leaned down and picked up my pile of discarded clothing and laid them on the desktop.

“Fold these things properly now, Miss Sumter.”

“Yes, sir.” I replied while wishing he would go hang himself.

My hands fumbled at the task and it took twice as long as it should have but I made them into a neat square pile. Jonathon stood quietly by looking slightly amused. Mr. Green looked passive except for the red coloration on his cheeks.

“Jonathon would you see Miss Sumter back to her dormitory?”

“Yes of course.”

“She can carry her things as they are. I am sure Mrs. Carrington will be tending to her as soon as she arrives in any case.”

I suppressed my gasp of surprise. He could not expect me to walk the college streets so exposed.
“I believe you are right. I think Miss Sumter will benefit from a little humility.”

My eyes should have popped out of my head. Jonathon picked my pile up and placed it in my arms. I wanted to slap the stupid grin off his face.

“Come along, Penelope.” Jonathon said, waiting at the door.

Just before we exited the building Jonathon pulled me to the side.

“Get yourself proper.” He ordered.

“What? But Mr…”

“I don’t care what he said. You are not leaving this building in your current state.”

Maybe I have underestimated Jonathon. I dressed quickly and he was still kind enough to see me inside Carrington Manor. I was fortunate that Mrs. Carrington was for once oblivious to the fact I had been in trouble. Maybe God was listening after all.


Anonymous said...

An excellent post. What spirit, young lady! But it had to be tamed.
(I have been away on holiday and thus have missed each day's exciting instalment)
Mr R Fane

♠ace of spades said...

One of the best posts yet! Good thing you are allowed to change your vote in the favorite post poll.