March 21, 1896 Andrew Carrington Journal

It rained last night. I stayed up with my little sister, Abigail. The thunder scares her still. I think that is normal. She is only four. She can be a pain, but I like her well enough. Mother says that is good ‘cause we are keeping her. I wonder if that means we could get rid of Joshua? He is six and he is always nosing through my things. Abigail respects me.

I like the mornings after it rains. The sky is so blue and clear and the air has a fresh smell of pine. Oh, and the puddles are great also. I knew it was going to be a good day from right at breakfast. Mother said it was good Friday. I asked how she knew and all the big girls giggled. But not Edith, she is not like the other girls. Edith is nice.

After breakfast, Edith walked me to school. She does that sometimes. I think she likes me. When I jump in the puddles and make a splash, she laughs and smiles. Other girls scream and run away when I do that. I like to walk with her. We was both wet when we got to school. Mrs. Berry was going to yell but Edith made her not.

We went on a field trip. Edith came with us. I walked close to her with my friends. She likes my friends too. We walked all the way to the train station. There was a large crowd. Mrs. Berry said we was going to see a politician speak. He was supposed to be a famous man, but I had never seen him before.

I got bored while he was talking. It was hard to see cause they was so many people. I wanted to play with my friends but Edith would not let us. She was cross with us and said we was being rude. I think she really liked the man on the stage. I made my friends behave.
When the man was finished speaking we walked back to school and then got to go home early. Mrs. Berry said that was on account of it being a good Friday. I wonder why every Friday is not a good Friday?
On the way home, Edith skipped. I ran and jumped in the puddles. When we was getting close to home I remembered I had something to tell Edith. The other night I had seen two of the college girls sneaking out a window. I did not tell mother cause she would want to know what I was doing there. I knew Edith would know what to do.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. A convincing perspective of young Master Carrington. The plot is thickening with his confidence to Edith....
Mr R Fane