May 26th - 31st, 1896

May 26, 1896 - Examinations and Observations

  • Penelope attends a final exam, still punished by Remington Drake
  • She entertains herself with imaginative insults at Remington's expense. Good thing he doesn't read minds!

May 27, 1896 - A Strapping Fine Essay

  • Edith inquires about the imminent arrival of Mr. Birchwood
  • Mr. Carrington straps her for her troubles and soon after she must sit through and English Essay Examination

May 28, 1896 - Movements

  • Charles tutors Wilma successfully and without the use of corporal punishment
  • Caroline seems to be falling in love with Charles all over again despite his harsh treatment of her or is it because of it?

May 29, 1896 - Frolicking By The Sea

  • Margaret finishes her exams early. Edgar invites her for an afternoon on the beach
  • Margaret and Edgar reveal their feelings for each other after two years of avoiding the subject

May 30, 1896 - Hell Hath No Fury

  • Sarah's father arrives to settle matters with Billy and his gang
  • The situation quickly spirals from bad to worse and Sarah finds herself in the midst of shoot out and a loaded rifle in her hands

May 31, 1896 - Something To Remember Him By

  • Elizabeth and Jonathon begin their evening with verbal sparring
  • All is well that ends well but will they ever dance and kiss again? Only time will tell

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