June 9th - 15th, 1896

June 9, 1896 - Not The Home I Remember

  • Elizabeth arrives home in New York city to learn her family has moved
  • A letter from the Dean suggest she might not be returning to Primrose College

June 10, 1896 - Nothing To Hold On To

  • Sarah is released from custody after most people in town tell a similar story to the General
  • Sarah visits her father's grave and finds it offers none of the comfort she was looking for

June 11, 1896 - Alterity

  • Edith gets a spanking from Ms. Maple for asking to borrow a key
  • Charles lets her off lightly for not being direct in explaining what kept her

June 12, 1896 - Cigars, Whiskey, and Women

  • Charles meets with Primrose College Dean, Sebastian Steadward
  • Discipline is the topic of discussion and Charles is seeming up to the task

June 13, 1896 - Social Ineptitude

  • Margaret has a mandatory afternoon tea in the garden with her mother and friends
  • The discussion takes a bad turn toward, Margaret's time at Primrose College and she finds she must defend her dreams

June 14, 1896 - Days of Innocence

  • Penelope learns to drive an automobile with the help of her brother, Wilbur
  • Penelope confesses all about Remington to Wilbur

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