June 16th - 21st, 1896

June 16, 1896 - Wrong For Right

  • Margaret is confronted by her father for her behavior since coming home for the summer
  • Will Margaret learn her lesson or will she remain stubborn?

June 17, 1896 - Share The Wealth

  • Elizabeth travels alone to Ohio
  • Will she secure tuition for Primrose College?

June 18, 1896 - Teaching Ms. Maple (Part One)

  • Charles arranges a private meeting with Ms. Maple
  • Ms. Maple remains resistant to Charles' charm and largely defiant

June 19, 1896 - Teaching Ms. Maple (Part Two)

  • Charles rejoins Ms. Maple in the morning
  • Ms. Maple remains stubborn and lacking remorse even after a lengthy otk session

June 20, 1896 - What We Leave Behind

  • Sarah and her mother prepare to move to Denver while tensions continue between them
  • Mr. Stone and Sam come to an arrangement to send Sarah to Primrose College in the fall
  • Sarah and Sam construct their father's last request and deliver it to General Williams with some small hope at least some of the changes might come about for the miners

June 21, 1896 - Two Dresses, One Strap

  • Edith and Caroline take a shopping trip into Providence
  • They come back with more than they are supposed to and face Charles' wrath

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