June 2nd - 7th, 1896

June 2, 1896 - The Lucidity Of Broken Dreams

  • Sarah is arrested by Federal Troops in connection with the death of the town sheriff
  • In captivity, Sarah succumbs to her injuries and learns she was shot not once but twice

June 3, 1896 - Homeward Bound Train

  • Elizabeth boards a train for home in New York
  • On the trip she muses about family and friends

June 4, 1896 - On The Road To Providence

  • Charles and his family arrive in Providence, R.I.
  • Caroline's positive attitude seems not have survived the trip

June 5, 1896 - Nothing But The Selective Truth

  • Margaret has an encounter with her mother over a letter from Mrs. Carrington
  • Will the whole truth come out?

June 6, 1896 - Home Switch Home

  • Penelope reunites with her family after a one week journey home by train
  • Her father ensures she is 'warmly' welcomed home, Southern style

June 7, 1896 - The Ostensible Quality Of Being Indirect

  • Edith meets Charles Birchwood for the first time and says final goodbyes to Mr. Green
  • Edith winds up over Charles' knee, but is it discipline or something else?

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