June 23rd - 28th, 1896

June 23, 1896 - Hear No Evil

  • Penelope eavesdrops on her father's private meeting, suspecting it has something to do with her
  • She is caught by her brother, James who is unreasonably angry over what should have been a minor incident

June 24, 1896 - A Chance To Matter

  • Elizabeth concludes her visit with the Rockefeller's and gains their support for her continued education
  • A chance newspaper article puts a name to the face in her dreams from school

June 25, 1896 - Pandora's Window

  • Margaret unintentionally overhears a conversation in her father's study
  • She does not understand the significance of most things she has heard but suspects it would be dangerous if anyone knew she had heard

June 26, 1896 - A New Corner

  • Sarah settles into her new home in Denver with her brother and his wife
  • She quickly learns her sister-in-law will not tolerate even a hint of disrespect

June 27, 1896 - Building Bridges

  • Edith contemplates her relationship with Charles and Caroline
  • She is offered a position of authority and responsibility with the new girls coming in the fall by Mr. Carrington, but is it a Trojan Horse?

June 28, 1896 - Better Late

  • Charles and Caroline attend a dinner, welcoming him to Primrose College
  • An enlightening conversation between Charles and Edith is cut short by Caroline

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