Two Dresses, One Strap

June 21, 1896
Edith Bowen

“Do you like working for my husband?” Caroline asked suddenly whilst we were walking the streets of Providence.

“He is fair.” I replied.

“Yes, he is but that does not answer my question.”

“He is a better boss than I expected. Although if I am honest his subject of choice is of little interest to me.”

“And still you avoid answering the simple question. Perhaps I should tell him of your indirectness?”

I gazed at her for moment in shock.

“He told you?” I asked.

“He would not be much of a husband if he did not.”

I suddenly felt betrayed and inspired by Charles Birchwood all at the same time. If Caroline were a school friend I would have blushed but seeing as she is the wife of my boss I did my best to control the reaction. No need for Mrs. Birchwood to become suspicious of my interest and motivations in regards to her husband.

It was a warm day and it was my first time out in the city since school let out. Caroline was in desperate need of a dress for an impending dinner with the school board and their wives. Charles naturally asked if I knew my way around the city and would not mind taking his wife around. Had I been truthful I would have mentioned a desire to keep a respectful distance from his wife but good manners suggested I cooperate without hesitation.

My Saturday off then became my Saturday working while pretending I was only doing what I wanted to do. Caroline had been better company than I expect though and after only an hour walking the streets and shopping the shops of Providence I found myself genuinely liking her.
Which of course is all the more reason not to let on I am fatally attracted to her husband. It would be easier to hate her but she is far to nice and fun to hate. I am reminded of my once great friendship with Mrs. Carrington and it saddens me to consider the three of us are unlikely to develop a lasting friendship.

“Yes.” I answered finally, truthfully.

Caroline smiled brilliantly.

“So she can tell the truth.” Caroline said.

“On rare occasions it is less dangerous.” I said.

We shared a look which told me she was well aware of the dangers her husband could pose.

“Do you like that he disciplines you?” She asked.

“Do you?” I replied, deciding this was one time I would risk the danger rather than lead with the embarrassing truth.

She looked at me with contemplative frown on her face.

“Yes. I think I like it very much.” She said.

“May I ask why?”

“You may ask.”

I waited for her to continue but she chose to remain silent as we walked.


“I said you could ask. I made no commitment to answer.”

I smiled and nodded in understanding.

“I feel the same with Mr. Birchwood but I have never felt that way with anyone else.” I admitted boldly.

“I know you fancy him, Edith. I also know you are a proper lady and would never indulge in your fancies with him. So, you see I am not jealous or angry.”

“I thought I was keeping my feelings to myself.”

“Even Charles is not so blind as to not have noticed. You cannot help the way you feel and you are horrible at hiding it. Which is just fine with me. Charles is a fine man and it is a comfort to know I am not alone in seeing it.”

“You are right. He is different than anyone I have ever met.”

It was then we were interrupted.

“Agnes! Agnes! Wait a moment!” A man shouted from across the street.

He was waving his arms wildly and seemed to be shouting at either Caroline or myself. Not knowing the man and seeing the same confused look on Caroline’s face as must sure have been on my own, I decided it was best to ignore him and pretend he had failed to catch our attention.
I turned toward a conveniently placed dress shop and pulled Caroline with me. There was a gorgeous formal dining gown in the window, jus the sort of dress we were supposed to be finding for her anyway. It was even in the indigo color which is the latest color in fashion. We goggled at it.

A tap on my shoulder nearly had me jumping out of my skin.

“Agnes.” The man said again, only this time he was less than a foot away.

“I’m sorry, I am not Agnes, you must have me confused with someone else.” I said turning to face the man.

He stared blankly at me for a moment.

“Of course not you must be related to her though. You are far to young to be Agnes but you are the spitting image of her.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

Caroline looked on wearily. Ordinarily, I would have felt exactly as she did but then she did not know my mother’s name was Agnes.

“Thomas Parker.” He replied, taking my hand and kissing it gently while bowing to me.

“I am Edith Bowen and this is Mrs. Caroline Birchwood.” I said.

“You do know who I am talking about , don’t you? Agnes is your--”

“Mother.” I finished.

Caroline looked absolutely stunned.

“She must be so proud, you are the spitting image of her.”

“She died some years back. How did you know her?” I asked.

“No. I am terribly sorry, Miss Bowen. I had no idea. It seems like only yesterday but it was perhaps 25 years ago, she and I were friends.”

“You lost touch?”

“My family did not approve of our relationship and so they sent me away from her. I never had a chance to explain it to her although I am certain she knew what happened. When I saw you from across the street it was like walking back through time.”

“Do you live here in Providence, Mr. Parker?” I asked.

“No, in fact I am just in town for a few hours of business. I apologize if I startled you, I simply had to know if you were her.”

“Quite all right, Mr. Parker. It is nice to meet an old friend of mother’s. I really know so very little about her.”

“Your father doesn’t talk about her to you?”

“He passed at the same time. It was a train accident in New Jersey.”

“Oh I see. I am very sorry, Miss Bowen. If I had more time I would stay and tell you anything you want to know, but I am rushed for time. Here take my card, please write me and perhaps we can arrange to meet again when both have the time to discuss things.” He said and handed me a small card.

I took it from him and nodded.

‘Thank you, Mr. Parker. I look forward to when next we meet.”

“As do I. Now sadly, I must bid you good day.”

“Good day.” Caroline and I replied.

We turned back to the window as he walked away. Caroline remained quiet for a moment, thinking before she spoke.

“A very strange man, that Mr. Parker.” She said.

“Maybe.” I replied.

“I did not know you were an orphan.”

“I don’t like for people to know. I would appreciate it if you would keep it to yourself.”

She squeezed my arm supportively.

“Of course I will. It isn’t the subject of polite conversation in any case.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, shall we get one of those for each of us.” She said indicating the indigo dress in the window.

“It’s perfect for you but I can’t afford anything like that.”

“It will be on Charles for imposing on your day off.”

“I am quite certain he feels no such obligation.”

“Then he’ll just have to deal with us both.” She said with a wink.

She opened the door and gestured for me to go inside. I laughed and shook my head at her.

“You know what he’ll do to us.” I said.

“Yes, and we will all enjoy it.” She replied.

I entered the store with Caroline on my heels. A salesman approached us immediately.

“We’ll take two of those.” Caroline said pointing at the dress.

Later that evening we stood naked, side by side in Charles and Caroline’s bedroom. We held our new dresses in front of use while Charles lectured us on our frivolity and irresponsibility. Caroline is apparently corrupting me or so Charles says. I wonder if it is true.

A few moment later we were bent over the foot of the bed with our dresses lying on the bed under our very noses.

“Maybe you will connect your behavior and the pain you are now enduring if you have to stare at the cause of the trouble.” Charles said.

He swung a strap he had borrowed from Mr. Carrington. He alternated between Caroline and myself, giving us each two strokes at time before moving on to the other. After six, the burning was becoming unbearable and my eyes began to drip tears onto my beautiful dress.

Caroline laid her hand on mine and we intertwined fingers for mutual support as Charles continued his assault.

“A single simple request and neither of you can manage to do it. I should make you both take the dresses back and show the salesman your spanked bottoms.” He ranted.

The strap continued its work of two strokes at time. He aimed the lower and lower at each pass until they were on our thighs and then he slowly went back up again to the center of our buttocks.

“If I had wanted to buy something for Edith I would done it myself. Is that clear, ladies?”

“Yes, sir.” we replied in unison.

“If I ever send you out shopping together again, you will do well to remember this.” He said and then launched into a final flurry.

By the end of us energetic strapping, Caroline and I were both hopping from foot to foot in a futile attempt to ease the discomfort and burning in our rears. Somehow through it all we continued to hold hands.

Finally, we were allowed to stand up.

“Was it worth it ladies?” Charles asked us.

“We each looked at the dresses, then each other’s backside and then Charles. Then we looked at each other nodded.

“Yes, sir.” We said.

Is it still called discipline when it ends with three happy faces?


Paul said...

Ashley, nice one, my wife never called that sort of spanking anything but fun!!!
Warm hugs,

SinlessTouch said...

hmmm... two dresses and one strap ons. Anyway, great post! It was a cool and interesting read for me.