May 5th - 10th, 1896

May 5, 1896 - A Cold Night In...

  • Sarah and Laura are cornered by the strike breakers. After a valiant but futile attempt to escape they are both captured.
  • Did Laura set them up?

May 6, 1896 - Best Laid Plans

  • Elizabeth and Edith decide it is time to get Mr. Green's key.
  • Unfortunately, they failed to communicate before hand and both girls find themselves leaning over his desk.

May 7, 1896 - Pleasure From Pain (Part One)

  • Penelope discovers she has been setup by Lucy for trouble from Dr. Phallic.
  • Penelope hatches a plan on the spot to turn the tables. Will she succeed?

May 8, 1896 - Pleasure From Pain (Part Two)

  • Edith and Elizabeth begin their plotting to sway the school board.
  • Edith gets involved in assisting Penelope. Would she still help if she knew everything?

May 9, 1896 - Pleasure From Pain (Part Three)

  • Margaret Spooner is a little absent-minded but she loves to whistle.
  • It should not come as any surprise when she learns of Lucy's deceptive behavior she blows the whistle to Mrs. Carrington.

May 10, 1896 - Square Wheels And Other Twists Of Logic

  • Charles looks forward to the end of the school year and the beginning of his new post at Primrose College.
  • Caroline continues to challenge his authority in the home or is she really just asking for attention?

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