May 19th - 24th, 1896

May 19, 1896 - Maid To Be Naked

  • Sarah considers the futility of her escape attempt and its ramifications
  • Billy Buster takes her away from the other women. Is it for her safety of his pleasure?

May 20, 1896 - Pins And A Paddle

  • Margaret gets a present from Dr. Phallic and Mrs. Carrington
  • Will a humiliating day at school curb her attitude?

May 21, 1896 - Naughty For Nice

  • Penelope receives a letter from her father. He is none to happy about her words before the school board
  • Remington Drake gets the "privelege" of punishing her

May 22, 1896 - In The Right Direction

  • Edith is summoned to a private meeting with Ms. Maple
  • Surprisingly, she is offered a position as a summer intern at Primrose College

May 23, 1896 - What A Woman Wants

  • Charles analyzes his wife's improving submissiveness
  • Does he understand her finally or is he still as clueless as ever?

May 24, 1896 - Fuzzy Memories And Bad Assumptions

  • Elizabeth comes to terms with being kidnapped
  • A little romance finds its way to her in the form of Jonathon.

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