May 12th - 17th, 1896

May 12, 1896 - Frankly, My Friend

  • Elizabeth and Edith prepare for the meeting of the School Board
  • Jonathon warns Elizabeth she may be heading into trouble

May 13, 1896 - My Friend, The Paddle

  • Penelope gets to paddle Lucy during Dr. Phallic's science class
  • Is her appetite for revenge satisfied?

May 14, 1896 - Friends In Need

  • Mr. Carrington warns Edith she is heading into trouble
  • Elizabeth disappears and Penelope joins Edith in the search. What did Lucy do and why?

May 15, 1896 - When Friends Are Foes

  • Sarah plots an escape from Billy Buster at the expense of her friend Laura
  • Foiled in the end, punished by Billy, will Laura ever forgive her? Will she ever forgive herself?

May 16, 1896 - Friends For The Making

  • Margaret attends the meeting of the school board, trapped into making a statement against Lucy Meyer
  • Edith attempts to sway the board in favor of males attending Primrose College classes but it is Penelope who steals the show

May 17, 1896 - Wives Are Not Friends

  • Charles takes Caroline shopping for a new dress as a reward for good behavior
  • Unfortunately the good behavior does not survive the trip

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