Razing Caroline

May 1, 1896
Charles Birchwood

“But Charles!” Caroline whined.

I half expected her to stomp her feet at me. Since her return, she has tested my newfound resolve to its very limits. I suspect the wildest stallion on the wildest plains would be easier to domesticate than my wife. Fortunately I have found a degree of satisfaction in taking up the challenge.

In recent days I took it upon myself to assemble a birch rod, my first. The look on Caroline’s face was worth the effort alone as I used one of her hair ribbons to tie the twigs together and form a comfortable handle.

“Shall I increase your punishment?” I asked.

“No!” Came her immediate and panicked response.

“I think an extra three then for arguing with me.” I smiled wider.

“You wouldn’t!” She pouted.

“Quite right.”

She sighed in relief.

“Three is so few. Six will be much better.” I finished.

She moaned and her eyes pleaded with me, but for the first time in our marriage, her mouth remained shut. I longed for her to open it just so I might have an excuse to add another dozen. As usual, Caroline left me frustrated and failed to live up to my wants.

My guests, Mister and Misses Van Cox, wore expressions of amusement as they watched the scene unfold. We had been discussing their daughter, Wilma, whom they wished me to provide private tutelage. We had been discussing weekly session in which Wilma would arrive at six in the afternoon and leave at ten. Caroline indulged herself to believe she had some say in whether I would take on the tutelage of the girl in my home.

Ironically, they had only moments before questioned my skills as a disciplinarian. Surely, Caroline was only doing her part to assist me in providing a demonstration. To be credible she left me no real choice and to be honest I relished the thought of thrashing my wife in front of guests. What better way to prove my skills were adequate to the challenge of their rambunctious eighteen year old?

“Bring me the birch, dear.” I said.

Her lip quivered. She looked pleadingly to our guests. They gave her no mercy. She sunk her head low and walked sulking to the spot where it hung upside down on the wall. She lifted it in her hands and carried it back to me as though it weighed a thousand pounds. She thrust it upon me. I took it and stood.

“Mrs. Van Cox, would you be so kind as to help Mrs. Birchwood out of her dress?” I asked.

“Certainly.” She replied and stood herself.

Caroline’s eyes etched every curse she knew into my flesh but her tongue remained locked in her mouth. I poured myself another whiskey and offered more to Mr. Van Cox. With a shake of his head he refused. I could hardly blame the man for wanting to remain sober for the upcoming event. Caroline is after all a most beautiful woman to behold in all her glory.

After a few minutes the two women had her stripped to under clothes. Caroline wrapped her arms around herself as though they were gone as well. The sight was enough to elicit a chuckle from me and our guests.

I pointed the business end of the birch at her and waved it as if to encompass her in total.

“Remove the rest as well, dear.” I ordered with chuckles fresh in my throat.

Caroline blushed. Mrs. Van Cox blushed. Mr. Van Cox sat on the edge of his seat captivated.

“Please not in front of guests, Charles!” Caroline’s voice was nearly a shriek.

“An extra dozen it is then.” I replied.

A single tear dropped from Caroline’s right eye and splashed on the floor at her bare feet. Once upon a time, it would have melted my heart. Sadly, I have no mercy left for her. I wonder if I still love her at all for it seems wrong that my greatest pleasures now come from causing her tears to flow. Perhaps I am as wicked as she.

Her underclothes removed, she stood facing me as if to ignore the presence of our guests. I thought of making her face them. I even considered offering Mr. Van Cox a turn with her over his knee. In the end I spared her the humiliation but only just. It was not out of sympathy for her but of selfishness for myself. I did not want to share her.

“Stand at the end of the coffee table.” I ordered.

She moved slowly but complied.

“Step forward.”

“But the table is in the way.”

“Spread you legs apart so the table rests between them.” I allowed an amount of annoyance to creep into my voice.

The Van Cox sat breathless and captivated. No doubt they were both thinking of their daughter.

Caroline moved as instructed, her face burning brighter.

“Lean down and grasp the far end of the table with your hands.”

She looked hesitantly at me before complying without further protest. I took delight in watching her breasts sway as she moved into position. The soft flesh looked so delicate and vulnerable hanging freely in the air. I grabbed the one closest to me as the temptation was too great. I squeezed it in my hand until Caroline’s gasp was audible and then I let it go with a gentle slap, that elicited a panted moan.

I took up position behind her with birch in hand.

“Stay down and count these aloud or we shall start over until you get it right.”

“Yes, Charles.” Her reply was strained but of a conciliatory tone which made me smile.

The Van Cox stared, transfixed by Caroline’s nakedness.

I swung the birch so it whistled in the air before its soft crunch on her taut flesh. She cried out in discomfort.

“One, Charles.” She said after a moment.

I swung again and enjoyed the faint pink color arising on her skin. She cried out again as it struck.

“Two, Charles.”

I waited no pause before delivering another.

“Three, Charles.” She sniffled.

Again the birch whistled and crunched.

“Ooh! Four, Charles.”

I took pleasure in the now vivid pinkness aroused. I enjoyed the view for a moment before swinging yet again.

“Ooh! Oh! Five, Charles.” She whined.

Her wide spread legs began to tremble.

“Keep still!” I ordered.

The trembling subsided after a moment. I swung the birch fast and lower so as to catch her thighs. She screamed more from surprise than actual pain, I am certain.

“Oh! Six, Charles.”

I repeated the blow in precisely the same spot.

“Oh! Oh!” She sniffled, “Seven, Charles.”

I aimed higher again. I wanted to keep her guessing as to when and where each blow would strike.

“Ow.” She cried. “Please, Charles!”

I remained silent.

“Eight, Charles.” She said just in time.

The birch landed again on her thighs. Her legs kicked up one at a time and then settled again. They shook ever so slightly but I pretended not to notice.

“Nine, Charles.”

I paused to appreciate the darker coloring now appearing. The light redness was intoxicating. The Van Cox remained on the edge of their seats captivated by the scene before them I think they may have stopped breathing.

I swung again at her full buttocks. She cried out and for a moment her left hand started to reach back before her presence of mind returned it to the table.

“Ten, Charles.”

The birch whistled again catching her on the inside of her left thigh. She howled in pain. Her knuckles turned white as she strengthened her grip on the table. Her left leg kicked and shuddered.

“Eleven, Charles.” She said through clenched teeth.

I moved so that I could repeat the stroke only on her right inner thigh instead. Her reaction was more intense. Her head shot upward as she screamed. Tears burst forth from her eyes and while her leg kicked, her body began to shake with uncontrolled sobs.

“Twelve, Charles.” She managed between sobs.

I wiped a spot of sweat from my forehead. I laid the birch on Caroline’s naked back and picked up my empty glass from the side table.

“More to drink?” I offered my guests.

They both nodded as though unable to speak. I filled his glass with whiskey and hers with wine. I then filled my own with whiskey and took my seat on the sofa again. I sipped slowly from my glass, enjoying the view.

Caroline continued to cry, her tears, dripping from her nose down to the table below. Her breast jiggling free as her body shook with sobs. Her legs quivered as she waited impatient for me to continue. I have no doubt she would have begged me to quicken the pace or send her to a corner, even trading more blows for a quicker end but I savored her suffering. I could think of no greater punishment than to make her wait for the conclusion.

“I will of course discipline your daughter as I see fit.” I continued my earlier conversation with the Van Cox’s.

They seemed startled I was speaking to them. Our eyes met through Caroline and they smiled.

“Yes, of course. I can see you will have her well in hand.” Mr. Van Cox finally replied.

“I trust you will also reinforce any discipline she receives here at home?”

“Most certainly.”

“Good, good. I believe I can assure you, your daughter will make excellent progress in her music studies. I will expect her to spend at least an hour a day practicing at the piano. If she fails to do so I will no doubt be able to tell at once during our sessions. I will not tolerate laziness.”

“I think you can provide precisely the motivation she needs.” Mrs. Van Cox said while staring at Caroline once again.

“Yes, most definitely what Wilma needs.” Mr. Van Cox said.

“Then I believe we have a deal.” I said and stood, placing my empty glass down on the side table.

I picked the birch up off of Caroline’s back and she shuddered as I did. I stepped around behind her and swung the birch fast and low.
She squealed.

“Thirteen, Charles.”

The birch whistled merrily on its way to her reddened butt.

She sobbed.

“Fourteen, Charles.”

The inner left thigh looked neglected and so I aimed for it again.
Her kicking leg, quivering in mid air was almost enough to bring me laughter.

“Fifteen, Charles.” she said between sobs.

I swung at her thighs again. Both her legs alternated kicking as she screamed in clear agony.

“Sixteen, Charles.”

I swung yet again at her inner thigh. Her scream reached an octave just shy of shattering glass. I grinned with pride.

“Seventeen, Charles. Please no more, I am sorry.” She begged.

I let the birch answer with a swing on the fullness of her bottom.

“No! No! No more!’ She whined and cried. Her feet stamped in a hilarious march which left her breasts swaying from side to side.

“Eighteen, Charles.” She said at last.

I moved so I could swing at her inner right thigh again. The birch landed and her leg kicked and shook in the air. She sobbed.

“Nineteen, Charles.” She slobbered and sniffled.

I swung again in the same place. She nearly lifted the table off the ground as she kicked and jerked.

“Twenty, Charles. I am sorry!” She whined.

I stepped back and swung again at the center of her now glowing cheeks. She jerked her butt from side to side in an intoxicating wiggle which left me wanting to ravage her rather than finish the birching. I tempered my spirits and hardened myself to the task at hand.

“Twenty-one, Charles.” She cried.

The birch sliced the air once more and landed again only a little higher than the previous stroke. Her head shot up as she coughed on a sob.

“Mercy, please, mercy, Charles.” She begged.

I waited for the count.

She sobbed, “Twenty-two, Charles.”

I swung fast for her thighs.

“I’ll not do it again, I swear!”

“Then we have learned something today.” I replied.

She sniffled.

“Twenty-three, Charles.”

I swung the birch for its final kiss. I aimed it to swing up catching her between the legs. My arm followed through with the motion even as it impacted and the birch broke to scatter red twigs. Caroline jumped her rear into the air all the while screaming. It was only her white-knuckled grip on the table which kept her from dancing around in circles.

“Twenty-four, Charles.” She said in sobs and sniffles and moans.

“Stand up.” I ordered.

She obeyed.

“Apologize to our guests.”

She looked back at me, tears still running wildly from her eyes. She bit her trembling lip and then turned to our guests.

“Please forgive me for my rude behavior.” She said.

“We forgive you.” Mr. Van Cox replied.

I nodded my thanks to him.

“Go stand in the corner and keep your hands at your sides, Caroline. You remember what happened last time I caught you rubbing?”

“Yes, Charles.” She replied meekly still sniffling.

I refilled my whiskey and took a seat again to finish going over the details with the Van Cox’s. I think we all enjoyed the warm glow my wife emanated from then onward.

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