April 28th - May 2nd, 1896

April 28, 1896 - How Win Arguments And Make Friends

  • Sarah learns that being right is not always enough to win an argument
  • How will Mrs. Waters reinforce this lesson?

April 29, 1896 - I Detect A Spot Of Trouble

  • Is a meeting with the Dean ever a good thing?
  • Is Miss Bassett going to stay at Primrose College or is she leaving with Daddy?

April 30, 1896 - The Art Of Manipulation

  • Penelope and Mr. Carrington behind closed doors?
  • Can Penelope be guilted into a confession?

May 1, 1896 - Razing Caroline

  • Charles becomes more comfortable disciplining his wife
  • What will the guests say?

May 2, 1896 - Cleansing The Shame

  • A public birching and expulsion from Primrose are the order of the day
  • What will become of Miss Jennifer Abbott?

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