Pleasure From Pain (Part One)

May 7, 1896
Penelope Sumter

Some plans are not really plans at all but convenient circumstances taken to their fullest advantage. My father taught my brothers that very lesson while I pretended to play with my dolls in the next room. I cannot speak for my brothers but I took the lesson to heart.

I sat quiet in science class. Dr. Phallic bore into me for failing to complete my lab notes. My first instinct was to deny his allegations. I knew quite well I had completed the notes in painstaking detail. However, the proof lay before me, I had not handed over the completed notes. Instead the pages laid out before me showed I had turned in my rough class notes instead.

It did not take an advanced degree in deductive reasoning to surmise Lucy was behind this strange set of circumstances. It was this realization which kept me calm. She would no doubt take ironic pleasure if I chose to deny my apparent failure. Of course, she would never know precisely what occurred in Dr. Phallic’s class, she has not the aptitude nor desire for science. So, in her ignorance lays my advantage.

“How dare you insult me with turning in this rubbish? Did you think I would not read? Answer me!” Dr. Phallic shouted only inches from my face.

I sniffled.

Long experience has proven there is nothing like a sniffle to take the edge off a man’s fury.

Dr. Phallic allowed his demeanor to soften slightly and pulled his face back from mine enough to no longer feel threatening.

Inwardly I smiled, men are so easy.

“Please sir, I am sorry. Might we discuss this in private, please?” I added just the right amount of distress to my tone.

It was not easy but I squeezed a tear out. I gazed up at him without blinking, keeping my eyes wide.

“I see no reason…“ Dr. Phallic started to refuse.

I let my lower lip quiver and more tears well up in my eyes.

“Well uh…” He stammered, “Oh, very well, Miss Sumter.”

“Immediately after class and your explanation had better be extraordinary.” He said more firmly as he backed away to the front of the class.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I only needed to determine what I would say in his private office. Fortunately I had the rest of class to consider it.

At the end of class I kept my seat. Elizabeth gave my hand a sympathetic squeeze on her way out. I smiled and nodded at her as she left. No doubt she suspected the truth, she seems able to see it even through all the layers of deceit.

Her own troubles of late certainly put her in a new light to me. To think I once thought of her as a goody. I can only imagine what misdeed she must have done to have Mr. Green send her into the streets naked for all the world to see. I almost laughed remembering how Edith once accused me of being a poor influence on Elizabeth. No doubt I should take a moment to point out the obvious to Edith soon.
Without a word I followed Dr. Phallic into his office. He sat behind his desk, struggling to maintain a stern expression. I stood in front of his desk, keeping my head lowered in what I hoped appeared a respectful stance.

“Well? Let me hear your excuse.” He prodded.

“I have none.”

“Then why are we here? I could have heard that just as easily in class.” He sounded angry.

“I did the work.”

“Then where is it?”

“If I am right, it has been destroyed.”

“Excuse me?”

“My roommate, Lucy Meyer, thinks I set up her friend, Jennifer Abbott for the cheating incident.”

“What does this have to do with your lab notes?”

“Nothing in of itself. Except I did do them and they are now nowhere to be found. I believe she destroyed them.”

“Then we should confront her straight away. I am certain Mrs. Carrington can arrange it.”

“I do not believe that would be particularly revealing.”

“Or are you lying to me?”

“No, sir. I would not dare.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Because I am not attempting to escape punishment.”

“It sounds very much like you are.”

“No, quite the contrary, sir. I think you should spank me and without mercy. Only then can you be sure I am being forthcoming.”

“If what you are telling me is true, you deserve no punishment.”

“I appreciate the significance, however as my father has said many times, on the rare occasion I suffer a spanking mistakenly I can well attribute it to the plentiful times I have avoided a well deserved one.”

“A wise man, but I do not follow your reasoning here.”

“If Miss Meyer knows I have been punished, she will believe her plan has worked.”

“I still do not see how this will reveal her complicity.”

“If she believes I am in further trouble, she is likely to reveal herself to me.”

“Yet again the situation will revolve around your word and hers.”

“Not if you arrange for Mrs. Carrington to listen outside our door.”

He cocked his head at me. I looked him straight on with a faint smile on my lips.

“What should I do if your plan does not reveal her as you expect?”

“Punish me as you would punish her for deceit.”

“Brave words.”

“I am not in doubt of the truth, it requires no bravery from me to elicit it from Miss Meyer.”

“I take it you expect me to go easy on you today?”

“No, sir. I expect your best.”

“Good, you will have it.”

I nodded my acceptance.

Dr. Phallic stood and walked around behind me. He laid his hands on my shoulders. I straightened my neck. He gathered my hair and pushed it forward over my shoulders.

My breath caught in my throat as he began unfastening my dress. As he slipped it off my shoulders I suppressed a shudder. My dress fell to the floor around my feet and his hand gathered the hem of my dressing gown and pulled it upward. I allowed my arms to extend above me as he pulled it up and off of me.

My arms fell back to my sides.

He untied my bloomers and they fell to join my dress on the floor. I stood naked before him with naught but my shoes adorning my body.

“Step out of your shoes and fold your things onto my desk.” He ordered.

I obeyed and for the first I was not blushing to be naked in his presence.

“Bend over and touch your toes.”

I stepped back from the desk and leaned downward. I parted my legs so that I could reach down without bending my knees. The cool wood in Dr. Phallic’s hand brushed against my fleshy cheeks.

It left and fell back again with a crack.

“Oh.” I moaned, surprised at the ferocity.

“If you thought to play me for a fool this should give you pause.”

He swung again. The air breezed toward me, cooling my buttocks only to be followed by the paddle’s warming.


Another swat quickly followed. I jerked but managed to stay down.

“Oh, oh, ow.”

“This is nothing compared to what I will do if Miss Meyer fails to confess.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Ow! Ow!” I bit my tongue to avoid pleading for mercy.

My feet shifted involuntarily.

“Hold still, Miss Sumter.”

“Sorry, sir.”


“I am certain you are.”







Tears began to fall from eyes. I sniffled and wiped them away.







My butt burned like it was ablaze. I cried freely and embraced the pain in the knowledge it would lead to Lucy’s fall.


“Please!” I screamed.

“Please what?”

“Don‘t stop.” I replied in spite of myself.

He swung again.

I bit my tongue and kept the moans to myself.

The paddle connected again.

I tipped forward under its force, nearly losing my balance.

“Oh.” I cried.

He did not slow or wait for me to recover. The paddle slapped against my bare flesh again and again.

Sobs racked my body and in them I found relief. It was as though the punishment cleansed away any doubts I had in my actions. I basked in my warmth and discomfort.

“Stand up.”

I did so slowly until his hands grabbed me and pulled me toward him. I spun around in his arms. His fingers wipe away the tears on my cheeks. I smiled at his touch.

Our eyes met and then he pressed his lips to mine. I started to pull away, shocked at his boldness, but his arms pulled me to him. I collapsed into his arms, surrendering to his every desire.

He pressed me backward until his desk stopped me. There he pushed my bruised buttocks into it. I moaned in pain.

His fingers combed through my hair. He leaned down and kissed the side of my neck just below my ear. I moaned in pleasure.
Soft lips continued down my neckline. A hand cupped my breast and titillated it with soft pinches. Hungry, I pushed into him and devoured his sweet lips.

Suddenly he pulled away. I stared in shock wondering what I had done wrong. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Forgive me.” He said.

My mouth opened and then shut. I found myself unsure of how to respond. I felt scorned.

“Get your things on and go. I will arrange things with Mrs. Carrington.”

Embarrassed, I blushed feeling naked for the first time since entering his office. I scurried to dress with fresh tears falling uncontrolled.

I left with not another word passed between us.

I ran from his office out of Primrose Hall. I slipped on the last of the steps and fell forward onto the dirt road. I could hear onlookers whispering but I cared not what they said. I cried and cried.

A soft hand touched my back. I shuddered.

“Shhh. Let me help you up.”

I looked back and through teary eyes I saw Edith knelt down beside me. I allowed her to help guide me to my feet.

“Let’s get you back to the manor.” She said kindly.

“I thought you hated me.” I sobbed.

“Maybe I did once. I don’t anymore. I think I was wrong about you.”

I tried to smile at her but only succeeded in crying more.

She wrapped an arm around me in support and walked with me in silence until my tears subsided.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Dr. Phallic.” I answered.

She nodded, waiting for me to continue.

“My lab notes, they were my notes from class not the ones I finished.”

“What do you mean?”

“I did them, I swear. You have to believe me.” I did my best imitation of innocent Jenny.

“I do but I don’t understand. Are you saying someone stole your lab notes?”

“Not someone, Lucy.”

Understanding dawned on her face.

“You have to let it go or you’ll end up like Jenny.”

“I know. It is just Dr. Phallic was so cruel about it.”

I began to sob again.

Edith wrapped her arms around me in a supportive hug. I returned it and found it strangely comforting.

We reached the steps of Carrington Manor to find Mrs. Carrington waiting with birch in hand.

“In my den now, Miss Sumter.” Mrs. Carrington ordered as we approached.

“She has had enough, Ma’am.” Edith spoke up grabbing hold of my arm to keep me back.

“Stay out of this Miss Bowen. It does not concern you.”

“I will not stand aside. She has suffered enough for things she has not done.”

“Then you can join her. Get in my den now, both of you or shall I have Mr. Carrington come forth?”

We hung our heads low and entered her den. Mrs. Carrington slammed the door behind her as she entered.


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