My Friend, The Paddle

May 13, 1896
Penelope Sumter

Her naked buttocks clenched and unclenched in the open air. The paddle felt light in my hands as I stood to her left and aimed my swing. Every other time I have held the paddle in my hands it has been a burden as heavy as lead, but not so today.

I raised it high in the air and swung. The paddle struck flat at the fleshiest part of her white bottom. It was fascinating to watch the skin flush pink before my eyes as I lifted the paddle away.

“No, no, no, Penelope.” Mr. Phallic said, “Strike a little lower and flick your wrist just before it touches.”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” I replied.

Lucy moaned what might have been a protest. It was my third swat and Dr. Phallic had insisted until I get it just right none would count. Lucy’s reddening cheeks undoubtedly had a different count going but Dr. Phallic’s was the only one that mattered.

I swung again, this time flick my wrist just before impacting her cheeks on the lower half. Lucy’s hands shot up past her knees a touch, before settling back down to her toes where they belonged.
“Much better. This next swat will be number one.” Dr. Phallic announced to the class more than to Lucy or I.

I took gleeful aim and swung again. I struck the same spot as before and flicked my wrist just right. The thunderous impact surprised me. Her fleshy cheeks wobbled briefly and Lucy cried out in discomfort.

I struggled to keep a stern look upon my face.

“It was Sir Isaac Newton who first theorized, every action will have an equal and opposite reaction.” Dr. Phallic explained to the class.

I swung again. Lucy cried out and I could see tears spring from her eyes from my view between her legs.

“Miss Meyer’s very position is a testament to the veracity of this law of nature. Witness how her attempts to embarrass and humiliate a fellow student left her embarrassed and humiliated by a fellow student.” Dr. Phallic lectured.

I swung again, a little harder this time. Lucy’s buttocks wobbled and screamed out. Her hands nearly reached up to grab her swelling bottom before control returned and she touched her toes yet again.

“Further note how her wide bottom bulges under the impact of the paddle.”

I could almost feel the humiliated burning of her blushing cheeks. The ones on her face that is. The other cheeks were beginning to glow with their heat.

I swung again.

“Please no more. I am sorry. Please.” Lucy begged between tears.

I suspect Dr. Phallic’s class lesson was as effective as the swats themselves. How humbling it must be to not only find ones self bent and naked before a full classroom but then to be an object lesson for the class as well. Were I not quite so cold hearted I might have felt sorry for her.
Instead I raised the paddle again and brought it down even lower. Lucy squealed.

I raised the paddle yet again.

“Newton also pointed out another seemingly obvious piece of logic and nature. What goes up,” Dr. Phallic said as I swung the paddle downward, “must go down.”


“Ooh! Please, no more!” Lucy begged.

I gave not a pause before bringing the paddle to meet her flesh again. Lucy shook her feet and struggled to keep her hands out of the way.

I swung again a little too low. It was an accident I swear. Lucy shot upright and grabbed her burning butt and thighs while jumping around in a circle.

Dr. Phallic seized the moment and said, “Note how even her tiny breasts move in opposition of her bounce affirming equal and opposite and also how they go up and come down affirming what goes up must come down.”

The class laughed. Lucy cried.

“Miss Meyer you still have one swat to come unless you prefer to start over you will stop your embarrassing display and offer your butt for the rest of the punishment you deserve.” Dr. Phallic’s voice was almost cruel.

Lucy stopped jumping but could not stop her trembling or her sobs. She found the strength inside her to bend back over though.

I raised the paddle high. I swung low. Lucy leapt into the air on impact. I imagine her cry was heard as far away as Carrington Manor. At last I felt satisfied.

Dr. Phallic pulled out the stool to the front of the class.

“Have a seat, Miss Meyer.” He said.

She clearly wished to do anything but sit. Her wishes were not being granted though and sit she did.

I could not have planned better revenge on Lucy. There is something sweeter about the fact she has dropped herself in it all without so much as a nudge from me. In fact it appears her actions have brought into question whether Jenny may have been a victim of Lucy as well. I laugh at the irony.

It was Dr. Phallic’s suggestion for me to administer ten swats personally. The Dean felt this was only fair considering I had unfairly suffered from Lucy’s actions. They will receive no objections from me on the matter.

What Lucy will receive beyond that is still pending. Due to the nature of her crime and the malicious intentions behind it, there is talk of formal charges being levied. The decision will be made at the school board meeting later this week. I will be given an opportunity to speak my thoughts before they decide.

Mr. Carrington is feeling quite guilty for having assumed I had something to do with Jennifer Abbott’s expulsion. The fact a third party informed on Lucy, I still do not know who, has completely eliminated me as a suspect in any of these affairs. It is a shame I cannot celebrate my success with anyone.


Paul said...

Tease, Tease, Tease. LOL.

Jen said...

If only they taught physics like that when I was in school.

I can't believe you keep me waiting even longer to know about Lucy.

Paul said...

I've finally caught up.
If this is the style of education that American women received in the 19th century,It's a wonder the entire population aren't hard wired spanko's.
I've read the entire set of posts and thoroughly enjoyed them.
I really enjoyed Christine Birchwoods training in domestic discipline, I hope that there will be more posts on this subject.
This is as good in it's way as Lowewood, perhaps better, it's distance in time makes it feel real.
Thank you.
Warm hugs,