A Little Bit Of Home In A Letter

November 24, 1896
Anna Cushing

November 18, 1896

Dearest Anna,

Warmest greetings from your father and I. We received your letter yesterday and took turns reading it last night by the fire. Your father smiled for the first time in weeks reading your passages and hearing of your adventures at school. The house is so empty without you. We miss you terribly, although your father will likely never admit it is so.

On Sunday, I had tea with Mrs. Kellogg. She was boasting, as usual, about her daughter Barbara having the attentions of three suitors. As you surely recall, Barbara seems to be constantly surrounded by suitors for years now, but she has yet to fetch a single proposal of marriage. I mentioned you were off to college and how proud your father and I are of your accomplishment in gaining acceptance to such a prestigious institution and she merely sighed. Clearly she knows nothing of education nor what achievements merit pride in a daughter.

I am pleased to hear you have made friends. I know it can be dreadfully lonely so far from home and good friends can help you forget, if only for a moment, you are alone. I worry about you constantly, you will understand when you have children of your own, and this Sarah Waters you mention sounds to be of questionable heritage. I know I do not need to say it, but be careful in your associations. They can come to haunt you when you least expect it.

I am relieved the riots we heard about were of little consequence to you. The newspapers had your father ready to board a train and bring you home. We are confounded your friends could have had anything to do with quelling the violence. No doubt it is your active imagination at work again. When you come home for Christmas your father intends to have a word with you on truthfulness.

With this letter your father has enclosed your ticket for traveling home. The attendant told him the first class cars could be overbooked. You should be sure to arrive at the station early and be clear with the attendants your father will not tolerate your travels being any different than your ticket. We are as eagerly anticipating your return home as I am certain you are eager to come. Have patience and the day will be upon us sooner than expected.

I hope you continue to be well and your Thanksgiving Day is a joyful one. We have much to remain thankful for even though there are far too many miles between us. As you spend this day far from home, know that we love you, are proud of you, and missing you.

All our love,
Peter & Georgina

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