A Least Expected Letter

November 29, 1896
Margaret Spooner

November 21, 1896

Dear Margaret,

With a little luck this letter will reach you in time to wish you a warm Thanksgiving but if it is late know I was thinking of you. I wish you would write more often, but I understand you are very busy at school. We do not talk enough when you are home and it is only while you are away I realize just how much I have to say.

I am proud of you. I know you do not think I am. You always think I do not understand you and sometimes you are right. The medical books are beyond my abilities, but I do know what it feels like to want something more for your life than the role dictated by society.

I saw so much of myself in you while you were growing up and I have tried to protect you from the disappointments I suffered. I can see now it was a mistake for many reasons. Most of all it was wrong because you are not me, you are more. I shared your dreams as a girl, but I never had your passion or your perseverance. I did not believe you as you do and that was my flaw.

When I met your father, my dreams were dying and I made the choice to be with him and let them fade away forever. Only they never left, they haunt me as what ifs. Watching you fight for yourself despite every obstacle in your path has made my memories all the more painful. It is not your burden though, it is mine and I apologize for not explaining all of this a long time ago. You deserved to know.

With all the turmoil in the nation right now, I worry about your safety. It is unavoidable because I love you and I will not ask you to surrender your dreams so that I might sleep knowing you are safe. You are a grown woman and you know full well the risks you take. This is your life to live and it should not be stolen from you for the fears of others. I think you know to what whom and what I refer.

In this spirit I want assure you if you choose not to marry at this time your father and I would understand. Edgar is a good enough man, his family is well connected and his future is undoubtedly bright, but none of that means he is the best choice for you. You have chosen a unique path for your life and only you can know if Edgar will be an asset or hindrance to it. The choice is always yours, but then I believe you know that all ready.

Warmest Wishes,

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