July 1st - 5th, 1896

July 1, 1896 - Food For Thought

  • Elizabeth arrives home from Ohio to be greeted by her father
  • Dinner conversation takes an ugly turn when she mentions Sarah Waters

July 2, 1896 - All About Edgar

  • Edgar arrives to visit Margaret. He is a hit with her everyone, especially her parents
  • Margaret is excluded from a private chat between her father and Edgar

July 3, 1896 - Strange And Strangers

  • Edith searches for Ms. Maple to deliver a message from the Dean
  • Charles joins her search and they encounter a stranger at Ms. Maple's ransacked apartment

July 4, 1896 - Proof Through The Night

  • Charles continues the search for Ms. Maple and turns up with Edith and the Dean missing as well
  • During the Independence Day fireworks at the harbor, he spots the missing in the crowd for just a moment before they disappear again

July 5, 1896 - From A Certain Point Of View

  • Margaret pesters Edgar for hints of his chat with her father
  • Her father calls her into his study to explain matters, but it is Edgar who takes her to task

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