All About Edgar

July 2, 1896
Margaret Spooner

Edgar arrived. My heart may not have fluttered at the sight of him but my palms were definitely sweaty. So much so, I was embarrassed when he took my hand. Edgar is too much of a gentleman to say anything but he must have noticed. In almost every regard I was thrilled to see him.

My father took to him straight away, as did mother. Neither seemed, to think the minor incident at the end of term was worth mentioning to him or at least they chose not to do so in presence, which is just as well. As it remains, I am apprehensive of the pending meeting with my father in regards to the conversation which I should have not overheard. How it could possibly involve Edgar as well as me is beyond my current abilities to fathom. Surely, it will all make sense once father explains.

While I was at first on guard about revealing any sort of relationship between myself and Edgar, I have come to find nothing could have pleased my parents more. They seem almost relieved that I have attracted attention from the opposite sex and even more so learning he is a Brown man. Even his choice of career path is acceptable to them which I felt certain it would not be. Leave it to me to misjudge the reactions of my very own parents.

There must come a day in which I will correctly judge those closest to me, but thus far I seem to fail miserably in predicting the reactions of family and friends or anyone for that matter. No matter the situation, I always seem to get it dead wrong. Edgar says that is part of my appeal. He is a strange young man, but then again I am not quite the typical belle myself. Perhaps we are fated and if so I cannot complain because I do believe I may learn to love him in time, if I do not all ready.

Mother’s pride shows in the oddest of manners. Her first order of business was to arrange for Mrs. Patterson and her daughter to visit and meet Edgar. I would have expected after our most recent encounter she would realize they are the last people, well maybe not the last but certainly on the bottom half of the list, I would want to visit with Edgar. Of course, the preferences of mine in this matter are of no consequence and even less significance, as I have been kindly reminded far too often. Edgar is being a good sport about it all though. You would never have guessed he had not come all the way just to see the Patterson’s.

Father mentioned I could learn a thing or two from that. I suppose I could but what would be the point? I will never be a socialite and I have no desire to pretend I wish to be one. Edgar should know the truth about me and like it or our future will hold nothing but bickering. For his part, I do not think Edgar even noticed my lack of social grace, he easily dominated the scene and took all the pressure off of me. Which just made me appreciate him all the more.

It was not until well after dinner we finally had a few moments alone. We sat quietly in the garden underneath the stars. Edgar held my hand and we gazed up at them. For me it was like seeing them for the first time.

“I am glad you came.” I said.

“So am I.” He replied.

“My family can be a little overwhelming at times but they are quite taken with you.”

“They are wonderful. They love you very much.”

“I suppose they do. Sometimes they have strange ways of showing it though.”

“We all do. I should have taken you in my arms the first time I saw you.”

“I would have slapped you.”

“Do you think it would have dissuaded me?”

“Probably not.”

“Knowing you as I have come to, there is little that would dissuade me.”

“Should I ask what would?”

“Do you wish to dissuade me?”


“Then you should not ask.”

“Then I shall not.”

He squeezed my hand softly for a moment and looked into my eyes.

“Have you told your parents about me?”


“That is all?”

“It was all you asked.”

“You know I meant more.”

“Yes, you often mean more than you say.”

“Do I? I had not noticed.”

“You do and it suits you.”

“Are you avoiding the question?”

“What question is that?”

“What have your parent to say?”

“They would like to meet you, but before you do I have to warn you; they will not look favorably on your efforts to become a doctor.”

“Not many do.”

“Quite true. I am surprised your father supports the endeavor.”


“He seems a more practical man.”

“My efforts are not practical?”

“That is not what I said.”

“Then please clarify what you said.”

“Your father is a practical man with conservative views, it is surprising he would see your endeavor as practical or worthwhile. My expectation of his view is not a reflection of my own.”

“You must have had the thoughts or you would not expect another to have them.”

“That is an illogical argument.”

“Is it? I think it is soundly logical.”

“Only if your goal is to entrap me into views that are not my own simply because I extrapolate that others might have them.”

“If my goal were to entrap, you would not have suspected until you were snared.”

“You are supremely confidant. Have I mentioned I find the trait enticing?”

“Not before now.”

Edgar leaned over suddenly and kissed me. The spark of passion was electric and I found myself hungrily in his arms. His fingers brushed through my tangled hair and his thumb found my earlobe. My toes wanted to curl, my mouth wanted his and the world began to spin away. His hand brushed over my bosom and then his arms crushed me to him.

A throat was cleared behind us and Edgar nearly shoved me away in shock.
“I thought we might have a word before bed, Edgar.” My father said, pretending he had not seen anything untoward.

I had dreaded the moment all day and now that it was upon us I found I was curious and anxious to hear the things my father had promised to explain. We walked back in side, Edgar and I feeling a bit sheepish. As we approached father’s study, my father turned to me.

“Not you tonight, Margaret. Edgar and I need to have a private chat first.” Father said.

“You promised-” I began.

“I said not tonight. Now, go up to bed.”

I looked between my father and Edgar and decided I had no choice.

“Yes, sir.” I said. “ Goodnight father. Goodnight Edgar.”

How am I supposed to fall asleep while wondering what they are talking about?

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