'twas The Night Before

December 24, 1896
Sarah Waters

‘twas the night before Christmas and all through the house every creature was stirring even the mouse. From bedroom to living room, all was a flurry as I settled in home from a winter’s long journey. My mother was fussing about nothings for something while we said all the niceties as though they could matter. Away I had been for such a long time, the company was pleasant despite all the chatter.

Along came my brother, his wife at his side, we smiled and hugged with nothing to hide. Laughter and tears were shed in turn as we spoke about father and words that still burn. I said all the things I wanted to say, Sam tried to explain how matters were gray. In the end we agreed, love is all we need. We have all our differences still to resolve, but at least our family did not dissolve. The night at its end, I climbed up the stairs, home sweet home for many more years.

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