The Split Carrot Snowman

December 3, 1896
Penelope Sumter

The manor was dark as I crept quietly down the stairs. After every few steps I stopped and listened just to be certain there was no one else around. I tiptoed into the general study and closed the door as quietly as possible. I nearly knocked Michelle down when I turned around to face the room.

I raised my finger to my lips to shush the girls’ giggles in the room. Surprising to me was the room was packed. I knew the new girls were hardly a righteous bunch but I had no idea it would be so easy to corrupt so many of them.

“Do we have everything?” I whispered.

“I think so.” Michelle replied.

“Be certain before we go out.”

Michelle nodded and then turned to the others.

“Carrot?” Michelle asked.

“Here.” A girl held it up for all to see.

“Two pieces of coal?” Michelle asked.

“Here.” Another girl held up the coal.

“Eight buttons?” Michelle asked.

“I have them.” A shy girl said from the back.

“Scarf?” Michelle asked.

A girl waved it in the air without a word.

“Mr. Carrington’s hat?” Michelle asked.

One of the girls tossed it in the air and then neatly caught it with a smile and a wink.

“That’s everything.” Michelle said.

I nodded, impressed with the girls, they were almost as good as we were last year. Only difference being we did not need the older girls to give us the idea then. It is too bad Elizabeth did not feel up to joining us, but then she has not been sleeping well lately.

“Let’s get going then. Remember to keep it quiet and watch what you are doing.” I said.

The girls nodded. Quickly and carefully, the girls climbed out the window to the outside one by one. We assembled in three groups of four and began rolling up are respective giant snow balls. There was no need to worry about size this year as the snowfall has been plentiful.

It took us no more than half an hour to assemble and decorate our snowman. The carrot got broken in two though and at first the fat stubby part was shoved into the middle of the face and the pointy end was inserted in the lower part of the middle. Most of the girls were blushing at the sight.

“It’s Dr. Phallic.” Michelle said.

The girls roared with so much laughter I was certain we would be discovered, but no one came. I swapped positions between the carrot pieces and took a step back. The girls looked at me with curious gazes. I smiled back.

“It’s more accurate this way.” I said.

Buttons and coal and carrot in place, scarf around the neck and hat on top we stood back and admired our handiwork. Then as quietly as we stepped out we snuck back in and slowly, two girls at a time, we climbed the stairs and returned to our beds.

The next morning we came to breakfast and no one gave a clue of the night’s activities. From the outside one might have thought it was a perfectly normal morning. That was until Mr. Carrington opened the front door for us to leave.

“Holy shit!” He exclaimed.

The girls in the hall clasped their hands over their mouths but most of them could not help but giggle. Whether it was Mr. Carrington’s uncharacteristic use of profanity or the sight of the white giant blocking the exit from the house is open for debate.

“Does this mean it’s a snow day?” Michelle asked.

Mr. Carrington stared sternly at her.

“It does appear we are snowed in.” She said.

It was obvious he was very close to laughing himself but he was still holding it in. Then his eyes fell upon the carrot stub I forgot to remove from the mid-section. His face turned beat red.

“Penelope Sumter!” He yelled.

How did he know it was me?

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Ashley J said...

Great story,Mel! I'm still laughing and I don't know where you found the pic but it's almost perfect. The snowman only needed a trenchcoat to complete the scene.