Pressed For Information

October 30, 1896
Margaret Spooner

“Margaret!” Sarah called from behind me.

I was walking back toward Carrington Manor on my own after what had been a trying day at school. I had spent the last hour craving the solitary walk where I would finally be able to sort my thoughts out in peace. So many things have been happening lately that my mind is not focused as it should be.

I did not slow my pace for her to catch up. She ran though and it made no difference.

“Margaret, is everything all right?” She asked.

It is touching that she even thinks to ask. Most would take my well being for granted.

“As well as to be expected. I’m sorry I’ve been trying to work some things out.” I said.

I do not know why I was so candid with her. With anyone else, I would have been more guarded, even Edgar, especially Edgar.

“If I can help?” Sarah asked.

I rewarded her with a faint smile although it was somewhat forced.

“I am afraid there is nothing that anyone can help me with.” I said.

“I can’t make your choices for you, but I’d be willing to listen if you wanted to talk.”

“That’s very kind of you but these are things best kept to one’s self.”

“I understand.” She said.

I do not believe she does.

“I need some assistance with a matter but I do not wish to burden you.” She said.

“If I can help, I will.” I replied.

There is always something when a girl speaks to me. It never fails but at least she is polite.

“Edgar is the editor of the Paper.” She said.

It was not a question but it felt like a bad omen. I nodded affirmative.

“I need to locate the printing press without anyone knowing.” She said.

My eyes might well have popped free of their sockets.

“Excuse me.” I coughed.

“The printing press.” She repeated.

“What makes you think he would trust me with its location?”

She scoffed.

“I have no doubt he would not, but you do not seem the blind sort.” She said.

I smiled a real smile. It is nice to know that at least one person sees beyond the studious girl exterior to the curiosity that rules my every hour.

“It is true I have a good idea of its location, but it is a dangerous secret and one that is not be traded easily.” I said.

“I have been consulting with some others and we believe it is time Primrose had its own periodical, however securing a press would be prohibitive. If we could borrow one however…” She trailed off.

“I see and what would this periodical contain?” I asked.

“Articles about issues which matter to women.” She said.

Admittedly, I have toyed with the idea myself but felt without trusted help it would be futile. Can I trust Sarah and her friends?

“I want in.” I said.

She smiled.

“I thought you would say that. You would be the best person to write about health issues.” She said.

“You are not what you seem, are you?”

“I don’t try to be anything but what I am. Maybe you just aren’t seeing with open eyes.”

“Are you behind this?” I asked.

I handed her the scribbled note I had retrieved from Edgar’s trash while he was not looking.

“No, what is it?”

“If you’ll go with me, we will find out together.” I said.

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