Know When To Run

October 14, 1896
Elizabeth Bassett

From the moment I heard Sarah was missing, I knew trouble was coming. Unfortunately, knowing trouble is on the horizon is not the same as being prepared for its untimely arrival. I cannot really blame it all on Sarah but trouble does seem to find her a little too easily. She reminds of Penelope in that regard.

Wilbur arrived at the front door of Carrington Manor just as we were sitting down to an oatmeal breakfast. He burst into the room looking like he had spent the night in his suit and probably not in a bed. His hair was tussled and hanging slightly in front of his eyes and his left eye looked to be developing a bruise in the shape of a ring.

Penelope stood up immediately but Mr. Carrington inserted himself into the situation.

“You look a sight boy. Let’s step outside for a moment.” Mr. Carrington said.

He crossed the room to Wilbur as he spoke and grabbed him by the arm. Wilbur pulled himself free and turned to Penelope.

“We have to leave.” He said to her.

“What’s going on?” Penelope asked.

“We are leaving. NOW!” He said.

“Calm down boy. Let’s talk in the hall.” Mr. Carrington said.

Penelope looked from her brother to Mr. Carrington trying to decide what to do no doubt. I had a sudden hunch that Wilbur probably knew something we did not and it would be wise to listen to him.

“Come on Penny.” I said.

I stood up and grabbed her arm. It was all the nudging she needed.

“I don’t recall inviting you Miss Bassett.” Wilbur said.

“Sit down girls.” Mrs. Carrington ordered.

“You didn’t but I have a feeling I’ll be safer with you than here. No offense Mrs. Carrington but so far this year we’ve had one student murdered and another is missing. In light of that I’ll decide for myself when to sit and when to walk.” I said.

We stood beside Wilbur and Mr. Carrington. Mr. Carrington looked confrontational but seemed to be unwilling to escalate matters. His disapproving glare was all that stood between us and the door.

“I don’t trust you.” Wilbur said to me.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Will. She’s about the only person here I do trust.” Penelope said.

“Fine, we need to go now. As for you,” He said and turned to Mr. Carrington, “ I suggest you board this place up and get ready for an assault.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Mr. Carrington asked.

The girls in the room began a nervous chatter which I knew would only escalate and eventually become more terrifying than anything they had heard. Wilbur ushered Penny and toward the door.

“The city is disintegrating into a riot. The workers are revolting and they’re blaming everyone in sight for their troubles.” Wilbur said.

The door slammed behind us and we quickly jumped into his automobile. Up the street in the distance we could see them marching toward us. The engine started with a roar and Wilbur threw it in gear and accelerated straight at them. I would have screamed but all I could manage was to hold on and hold my breath.

It was an angry mob and at the front of it was a beaten and bruised Sarah Waters. She was tied with rope and being shoved along by men with metal pipes and other menacing objects waving in the air. The seconds seemed to last forever as my eyes connected with Sarah’s. She mouthed a single unmistakable word. Wilbur swerved the automobile down a street to the right avoiding the mob.

“Run.” She said silently.

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